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Wealth Management

Wealth management services help professional investors and individuals with a high net worth navigate investing, taxes, and estate planning.  Knowing how wealth management works can help you make the best decision when choosing a financial advisor.

Understanding Wealth Management

Wealth management is traditionally viewed as a way for individuals to get investment advice from a financial professional. However, working with a wealth manager can help improve many aspects of your financial life. A wealth manager will review your finances and create a plan to help you pursue your current and future goals. Your manager can also help coordinate various services needed to manage your finances, including taxes, trust services, and business financing.

Wealth Management Services

Bleakley Financial Group specializes in providing wealth management services to people from all walks of life. Depending on your financial goals, your wealth manager may offer the following guidance: 

  • Risk Assessment
  • Goal Targeting Profile
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Seeking Optimization
  • Customized Portfolio Development
  • In-Depth Evaluation of Current Portfolio

The team at Bleakley Financial Group will work with you to develop an integrated wealth management approach based on your income and financial goals.

Work With Bleakley Financial Group

Are you ready to take control of your financial health? The advisors at Bleakley Financial Group can evaluate your existing portfolio and make asset management recommendations to help you maximize your savings and income. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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