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Financial Planning for Physicians 

In the medical profession, financial planning presents unique challenges and opportunities. Doctors have significant earning potential; however, your income streams can be complex, ranging from salaries to profit-sharing in group practices, and even ownership of private practices.

Your lengthy period of education and training delays substantial income, turning your retirement savings period shorter than most.

Despite the uncertainties that come with your profession, effective financial planning for you involves managing risks and capitalizing on opportunities, ultimately creating a resilient financial foundation for whatever your future may hold.


Does this sound like you?

  • You have finished residency, making way more money than ever before, and have no one you feel you can talk to about your money?
  • Now that you are a high income owner, how do you navigate taxes? When should you buy a home? What is the best way to tackle your student loans? When should you buy a home?
  • You have the knowledge and experience. Is it time to start your own practice? What is the best way to incorporate? Which benefits do you provide to your employees? How do you establish a company retirement plan?
  • You are ready to hang up the coat. How do you sell a practice? What do you want to do in retirement? Do you have enough money saved?

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